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Helicopter as a Weapon, Aug. 24, 2011

Three emails were sent to East Hampton Town Board: Email #1: This morning I have been directly attacked, assaulted and harassed by Ira Rennert’s helicopter. He used his helicopter to scare, intimidate and potentially harm me and my family. He used his helicopter to recklessly endanger me and my family. I hereby demand the Town of […]

Letter to Editor – East Hampton Press, Aug. 18, 2011

The Editor, If one resides under an air route over the South or North Fork, summer can be unpleasant. Peace is shattered day and night by jets, sea planes, helicopters and small planes. The noise is not caused by the few local aviation aficionados, but by commercial operators ferrying folk to and from New York […]

David Gruber’s LTE, EH Star, Aug. 18, 2011

August 15, 2011 The East Hampton Star Dear David: It is lovely that, faced with an election and an increasingly irate population, the majority Republican members of the Town Board are suddenly expressing the desire to “do something” about airport noise.  Wouldn’t it be even lovelier if they took the time to educate themselves to […]

Letter From Barry 8/6/11

Dear Town Board; Frank is a zealot, not a crank. He is leading the charge–but be assured that it is only going to increase. The airport is not a “jewel,” though perhaps once it was a low impact resource for local recreational pilots. Now it is a major metro air and heliport–and that is despite […]

Letter from Bob 8/6/11

In my humble opinion, you as a Board are as ineffective in dealing with the airport problem as the U.S Congress was at dealing with the national debt issue. Sooner or later, someone will dig deep enough and learn your unspoken agenda to protect the wealthy using the airport at the expense of the much […]

Letter From Patricia 8/6/11

I have tried, for YEARS, calling in complaints on aircraft noise to EHA Complaints line, to no avail. Each year aircraft noise worsens exponentially.  According to the FAA, air traffic will grow, not decrease–so what are you folks going to do?  Do you have a plan, if yes, what is it?  If the past is […]

Letter From Barbara 8/6/11

It is my fondest wish to see the airport closed.  We no longer have use of our property thanks to the constant barrage of jets, airplanes and helicopters flying over our home.  The airport wanted to close a street in order to expand; how about closing the airport and moving IT  to where it will no longer […]

Letter from Steven 8/5/2011

Frank et al: I appreciate being on this mailing list, but I have to say that I, and others who share my geographic location, are excluded from participation in fighting the existence of the airport, or at least, the unfettered, undisciplined and uncontrollable operations there. I live in the Village of Sagaponack, the Town of […]

Letter from Jon 8/5/11

Hi Frank, Nice to get your emails… As you are aware I have been complaining to the town supervisor of Southold as he does attend some meetings on the helo noise issue for years now. I live in Mattituck just east of the Mattituck Airbase.  The helo noise is as loud and more frequent than […]

Property Value In Helicopter Route Plummets 62%

I filed a grievance on the property taxes on property we own on 20 Ridge Road, Wainscott. It is immediately adjacent to the house we live in. The Assessed Value indicated on the Town of East Hampton Property Tax Bill is $10,050. The Full Value is $1,305,195. In May 2010 I purchased the property for $500,000 […]

East Hampton Supervisor Wilkinson’s Response to Dr. Raebeck

On 7/20/2011 3:13 PM, William Wilkinson wrote: Dr Raebeck Please forgive the delay in response.  With multiple addressees, I had assumed that Mr. Stanzione, the airport liaison, would have addressed your inquiry. As a person who himself has a very large property tax bill, I too, expect solutions from our elected officials. Mr. Stanzione has […]

East Hampton Town Councilman Stanzione’s Response

July 19, 2011 Frank Thanks for the note and the link. The concerns you highlight are important and received attention. Moreover, let me address the broader contentions in your note. You surely know there’s been significant reduction in the number of helecopter operations using northern routes over the past 18 months. The number of flights […]

Letter in Response to “Smart People Don’t Fly Helicopters”

July 22, 2011 That EH Town Board members can claim that here has been improvement in lessening helicopter noise indicates they are either ignorant of the facts or pretending they don’t know (aka, the Murdoch defense). Either way, it is simply scandalous that the EH Town Board (and Southampton Town Board) can allow taxpaying year […]

Letter to East Hampton Town Board

July 22, 2011 Dear Town of East Hampton Supervisor and Town Board Members: I am writing to lend my name to the long list of residents who are asking you, our political representatives, to work on our behalf and bring an end to the plague that is air traffic noise at the East Hampton Airport. […]

Follow-up Letter to East Hampton Town Board

July 20, 2011 Dear Mr. Wilkinson and Town Board Members: Approximately 10 days ago I sent an email to several of you, including Mr. Wilkinson, Ms. Quigley, and Mr. Brundidge with a host of pertinent questions regarding the ongoing helicopter debacle at our airport. The only response I received was from Ms. Quigley (thank you). […]