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United We Stand

Thank-you, T. James Matthews and his two Northwest groups for joining and contributing to this blog. It is now OUR website and WE can speak in the collective. We get our strength in numbers. The more we grow by adding stakeholder groups and individuals, the greater our chance for success. Divided we fail. We encourage all interested parties […]

Northwest Alliance Letter to Town Board

September 23, 2009 William McGintee, Town Supervisor Peter Hammerle, Town Board Member Julia Prince, Town Board Member Brad Loewen, Town Board Member Pat Mancir, Town Board Member Town of East Hampton 159 Pantigo Road East Hampton, NY 11937 Dear Supervisor McGintee and Town Board members, For almost thirty years, the Northwest Alliance has worked to […]

Northwest Comprehensive Coordinating Committee Letter to James Brundage

TO: James Brundage, Manager East Hampton Airport Dear Mr. Brundage, On behalf of the Northwest Comprehensive Coordinating Committee, an East Hampton Town Committee charged with coordinating the environmental activities of public and private agencies in the Northwest Woods area of East Hampton, I am writing to encourage you to urgently pursue a renegotiation of the […]

Northwest Alliance Letter to East Hampton Town Board

September 16, 2007 William McGintee, Town Supervisor Town Board of East Hampton Debra Foster Pete Hammerle Brad Loewen Pat Mansir 159 Pantigo Road, East Hampton, New York 11937 Dear Supervisor and Town Board, On behalf of the Northwest Alliance, a citizens group concerned with environmental matters in the Northwest area of East Hampton, I am […]

Commercial Helicopter Operations Continue

This weekend’s weather was picture perfect. The noise around the airport was unusually quiet and I really enjoyed and appreciated where I lived. Time seemed to be rolled back to earlier times when the East Hampton Airport was a private airport with operations carried on by private aircraft owner. Don’t get me wrong, we heard […]

East Hampton Helicopter Traffic Report now online

To view the report; click on the link on the right hand side of this page. To download the report; first open the report then save to your computer.

Anarchy and Chaos

Appeared in East Hampton Star 9/17/09 Dear Editor, I started collecting data on observations of helicopter traffic around East Hampton Airport on Memorial Day weekend 2008. I began calling in to the Noise Complaint Hotline not only as a result of noise but observations of unsafe operations of helicopters flying in fog and low cloud […]

Letter to the Editor, East Hampton Press, Sept. 16, 2009

Appeared in East Hampton Press 9/16/09 Dear Editor, I began calling the Noise Complaint Hotline as a result of unsafe operations of helicopters flying in fog and low cloud conditions at tree-top-levels. On Friday before Memorial Day, 2008 I came home from work on Industrial Road. I came upon the airport, noticed it was fogged […]