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Republicans Damaged By Tainted Money, Editorial, East Hampton Star, October 22, 2015

A red line that candidates for East Hampton Town elected office should not cross. Support for outside commercial interests over home rule and the promise of meaningful noise control is a red line that candidates for East Hampton Town elected office should not cross. But Tom Knobel, Margaret Turner, and Lisa Mulhern-Larsen have been willing to […]

David Gruber’s LTE, EH Star, Aug. 18, 2011

August 15, 2011 The East Hampton Star Dear David: It is lovely that, faced with an election and an increasingly irate population, the majority Republican members of the Town Board are suddenly expressing the desire to “do something” about airport noise.  Wouldn’t it be even lovelier if they took the time to educate themselves to […]

Letter From Barbara 8/6/11

It is my fondest wish to see the airport closed.  We no longer have use of our property thanks to the constant barrage of jets, airplanes and helicopters flying over our home.  The airport wanted to close a street in order to expand; how about closing the airport and moving IT  to where it will no longer […]

Letter from Jon 8/5/11

Hi Frank, Nice to get your emails… As you are aware I have been complaining to the town supervisor of Southold as he does attend some meetings on the helo noise issue for years now. I live in Mattituck just east of the Mattituck Airbase.  The helo noise is as loud and more frequent than […]

East Hampton Town Councilman Stanzione’s Response

July 19, 2011 Frank Thanks for the note and the link. The concerns you highlight are important and received attention. Moreover, let me address the broader contentions in your note. You surely know there’s been significant reduction in the number of helecopter operations using northern routes over the past 18 months. The number of flights […]

Dear David, The relentless, tortuous, disruptive, life-altering barrage of noisy, dirty helicopters has again shattered an entire weekend that once was a restful, peaceful, bucolic environment we call home. Helicopters crashing the stillness of night, rudely awakening the tired, the poor, induced by ferrying rich, selfish, inconsiderate passengers to and from East Hampton Airport at […]

Dear David, East Hampton Airport has expanded its use to that of a large metropolitan airport. It is out of control. This is unacceptable and must change immediately. Early Monday morning, July 8, the peaceful still morning air was rudely and abruptly shattered at 4:38 a.m. by a continuous barrage of noisy, dirty helicopters ferrying […]

Dear David, In last week’s East Hampton Star, Joanne Pilgrim wrote an informative article on the East Hampton Airport manager, Mr. Jim Brundige’s report to the East Hampton Town Board this past Tuesday, July 9. In that report he stated only one aircraft operation was reported early Monday morning before 7 a.m. on July 8. […]

August 12, 2013 Dear Senator Schumer and Congressman Bishop: I am a resident of East Hampton and founding member of Quiet Skies Coalition. Thank you so much for your ongoing efforts to deal with aircraft noise over residential areas. It is a terrible problem, and is making summer life in our home unbearable more and […]

Tremendous Problem of Helicopter Noise

Dear Mr. Dalene, Thanks for all your work compiling information on the tremendous problem of helicopter noise in our community. During the peak summer months, we have helicopters flying approximately every two minutes just over our roof, ruining any possibility of sitting outside. Should we by chance venture outside when the helicopters start their trek […]

Smart Solution

Dear Mr Dalene, As a full-time East Hampton resident with a home in the northwest woods, I too have a problem with noise from low-flying helicopters and planes. There have also been times, while I’ve been fishing East Hampton beaches that I’ve watched helicopters hovering as low as 200 ft above the sand.  While the […]