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Dear Mr Dalene,

As a full-time East Hampton resident with a home in the northwest woods, I too have a problem with noise from low-flying helicopters and planes.

There have also been times, while I’ve been fishing East Hampton beaches that I’ve watched helicopters hovering as low as 200 ft above the sand.  While the noise factor has often been deafening, what concerns me more is what will happen when one of these low-flying helicopters or planes crashes or has to make a forced landing due to mechanical or weather-related problems. They are flying over very populated areas so the potential for a terrible accident to occur is very real.

In the summertime, flights are more numerous, thus the noise and danger factors go up proportionately. Shouldn’t our town legislators be concerned about the public’s well being and right to enjoy a peaceful lifestyle?

Constructing a control tower to better manage increased air traffic, which is what the town and the FAA seem to be proposing, won’t solve the problem because there will still be too many low-flying aircraft over densely populated areas making too much noise and ruining everyone’s tranquility.

The only smart solution I see is to develop a flight path that will lessen the environmental impact of local air traffic.  If East Hampton Town does not take intelligent action, all of us who are opposed to having their quality of life diminished by low-flying aircraft should consider joining in a law suit  for nuisance.  Communities in other areas of Long Island have already used this strategy with success.

Thanks for your very enlightening website.


Jay Blatt

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