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My name is Frank Dalene. I am a very active member of the East Hampton Community for over twenty five years. I live 1.3 miles north of East Hampton Airport for the same amount of time. I am a private pilot and owned a Piper Warrior that was tied down and operated out of East Hampton Airport. I loved the airport as it was operated until 5-10 years ago. The expansion of use began to allow commercial operations of helicopters and sea planes ferrying passengers to and from East Hampton. The increasing activities began having an impact on the safety of people in the air and on the ground. It began having a huge impact on the peaceful enjoyment of residential properties by their owners. Our goal is to return the airport to its original state of operation as a private airport primarily by operators of private aircraft. Our goal is that airport activities conform to the definition of noise pollution the Town of East Hampton defined in its own Noise Law that requires other business establishments and residential property owners to obey. Our goal is that law and order be established in the airspace above the Town similar to what has been established on the roads in the Town including enforcement.

In other words, we require the Town of East Hampton to “walk the talk”, “practice what it preaches” and stop the hypocrisy of a double standard and discriminatory enforcement of its laws by requiring its own business operations known as the East Hampton Airport to conform to the same requirements it imposes on other business operations in the Town.

We welcome input, concerns, observations, data, evidence, opinions and solutions of all concerned stakeholders, citizen groups and individuals that can contribute to the stated cause. Submissions need to include the individual or group name, author, street and hamlet of observations. All approved submissions will be published on the blog. Groups may have their own section on the site. We may plan to raise funds for legal costs if that is what is required to accomplish our goals.

The website is designed to hold our elected officials accountable by presenting data and facts in a public forum that can be used to make an informed decision. Elected officials may benefit by stakeholders presenting opinions and solutions addressing the issues. We may designate a section of the website for response from elected officials and candidates who wish to respond to discussions or simply update actions taken to achieve the stated goals. We welcome any input from elected officials from the local level to the federal level (FAA regulations may need to be updated) regardless if the material has been submitted elsewhere for publication. If it is a letter to an editor it can be sent here for publication but it must state the date and publication it ran.

It is best to submit material in plain text or Word document. PDFs can be converted and will be accepted if unavailable in other formats.


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