Blatant Disregard

Helicopters on Labor Day

Absolutely relentless, all day long. This is the day that is set aside for us working folks but we cannot enjoy a peaceful day in our own home. It is horrible this is permitted by our East Hampton Town elected officials.

August 29th – September 5th , 2010

Labor Day weekend with a constant barrage of ground shaking earth shattering assaults from the sky.

August 16th – August 21st, 2010 When commercial operations at East Hampton Airport ceases no one should shed a tear for the pilots and helicopter operators who will be unemployed. They will be the cause since this type of inconsiderate flying is not sustainable. You can see even on clear days with crystal blue skies these pilots arrogantly harass residential neighborhoods on the ground. Can you imagine what these guys are thinking to save a few minutes or a gallon of fuel and jeopardize loosing their business or career. We the people of East Hampton in these residential neighborhoods are the voters. The Town Board can close this airport down. If this administration fails to solve this problem, we will vote in a new administration that will. It is that simple.

August 8th – August 15th, 2010 At the 2:18 mark into the video is the clip where the helicopter crosses paths with a jet plane taking off from the airport. Aircraft at this close proximity around an airport is astounding and total disregard for safety.

July 17th – August 3rd, 2010 On Friday August 6th the Wall Street Journal printed an article that included an interview at my house:

The reporter, Andrew Grossmanalso interviewed Jeffery Smith, chairman of Eastern Region Helicopter Council, he said, “[Helicopter Companies] agreed to stay at an altitude of at least 2,500 feet whereeverthey can…” Mr. Smith who has proven in the past to be the king of spin made a true statement. There is an agreement in place as he states. The problem is the helicopters as shown on this website are not honoring that agreement and no one is enforcing the agreement. The result is arrogant and inconsiderate helicopter pilots buzzing rooftops. When this stops no one should feel sorry for the helicopter operators or the pilots because they are doing this to themselves. Certainly commercial operations; ferrying people back and forth to the Hamtons is not sustainable.

July 7th – 14th, 2010 I was hardly home at during this time but I managed to capture a few shots. It is unbelievable that the Town of East Hampton allows activities like this to operate on its property at East Hampton Airport that continues to torture its citizens. Our Town Supervisor entered into an agreement with the surrounding Towns to recommend to the FAA that the northerly route extend to Plum Island thereby relieving the future torturing of surrounding communities. Our Town Supervisor has done nothing to relieve the torture of his own citizens in his own community. That is horrible!

Hell Flight on July 12, 2010 at 8:38am.By no stretch of the imagination is this pilot flying safely. By flying this low he is endangering people on the ground and the safety of himself and his passengers. This helicopter ferries people back and forth to the Hamptons. Can you imagine being a passenger, paying tons of money andputting your life in the hands of this cowboy bush pilot. Why in God’s name would anyone do such a thing? Now look at the rest of the videos on this website. Many of the pilots in these videos are equally as reckless as the pilot in this video. Is it really worth your life to get to the Hamptons one hour earlier than if you were to ride on the Hampton Jitney or the Hampton Luxury Liner? Risk your life to save one hour; how idiotic?
June 25th – 27th, 2010 No poor slob living in a residential area should be tormented like this on a Sunday afternoon. This is our day of rest. Can anyone in their wildest imagination consider this restful. In the residential district our laws guarantee peaceful enjoyment of our property. Can any person in their wildest imagination consider this peaceful. This is no exaggeration; this is video evidence of the most brutal onslaught of hell anyone can imagine. Remember I only capture about one third of the helicopter traffic. My wife makes me get away from the house on Friday afternoon and evening. I think she fears I may begin having thoughts that our government is not protecting us and I may begin exercising my 2nd amendment rights. Fortunately I have patients like a saint. I have been collecting data and videos now for over three years. I will continue amassing data and videos until all public officials that have the power to make necessary changes cannot ignore the body of evidence any longer. I think it will be awesome to shoot video at the airport when people get out of the helicopters so we can put a face on the selfish, inconsiderate people that are wrecking havoc on our lives. Folks, to remind you again…I don’t live next to the airport…there are hundreds of houses closer to the airport than mine.

June 19th – 21st, 2010 My observations this weekend revealed a shocking increase of helicopters taking off and coming directly over our house. In the past only approaching helicopters flew over our house. That means helicopters are flying in opposite directions, on the same path, at the same altitude…a horrifying recipe for disaster. To make matters worse the commercial seaplanes landed on runway 16 this weekend thereby congesting additional air traffic on the same path, at the same altitude, in opposite directions with helicopter traffic. As commercial operations increase the safety of people on the ground is increasingly at risk.

June 5th – 14th, 2010 I have over 160 video clips of helicopters to date. I will eventually get them all on this website. I will continue to collect documentary evidence until this body of evidence becomes overwhelming, undeniable, until the problem begs to get resolved.

May 27th – 31st, 2010 Memorial Weekend 2010: The helicopters were back with a vengeance. This compilation of video clips captured only about a third of the inbound helicopter traffic coming over my house this weekend. Imagine for every inbound helicopter there is an outbound helicopter that I don’t capture since they don’t come over my house but the noise is almost equally as loud. Friday evening my wife made me get out of the house to happy hour at Turtle so I did not capture video on that busy evening. Monday I was working in the yard, then we entertained guests with a BBQ so I captured only about half the helicopters Monday. Our guests were astounded at the noise and frequency of helicopter traffic. They said nobody can imagine the disruption and intensity of noise unless they experience it as they did. Remember, I don’t live next to the airport, I live 1.3 miles away, close to Route 114.

Close Call May 31, 2010 This video clip is continuous and unedited. It shows two helicopters scooting tree-top-level under an airplane in the pattern at East Hampton Airport. There is only a small separation of altitude. This is documentary evidence of the chaotic, out-of-control cowboys that fly commercial helicopters in and out of the airport. Helicopters flying this low blast 85dB – 90dB percussive, ground shaking, house rattling noise on to homes in the residential district around East Hampton Airport. The safety of people in the air and on the ground is in jeopardy. It is shocking that this is allowed to go on. This madness must stop now.

It is absolutely unbelievable for the Town of East Hampton to continue to ignore the safety and health of its citizens living in the residential district. The residential district was here first then came the commercial helicopters only a few years ago operating a taxi service to and from East Hampton Airport. The helicopters must go NOT the residences.

October 4, 2009 I was not home most of the day but this is what it was like late on Sunday afternoon. My wife was home and she reported the helicopters were flying tree-top level. I was only able to capture a few coming one right after the other. Notice the last helicopter. We can hear him coming from far away. The noise from this helicopter compared to others is like running a car wide open throttle with open headers. Why don’t helicopters have to meet minimum noise standards? Cars do! Why are these business operations allowed to impact the residential district like this on an otherwise peaceful Sunday afternoon? Is our government asleep? Don’t they care?

September 20, 2009 An otherwise peaceful Sunday was shattered at 3:45pm; 4:04pm; 4:49pm; 4:50pm; 5:02pm; 5:05pm; 5:28pm; 6:57pm. The sound levels ranged between 77dB- 85dB. Town defines noise pollution as 65dB. The helicopters flew very low over the house. The Zoning Law that provides separation of commercial use from the residential district is being violated. 100% non-compliance to minimum altitude requirements. The video is not shot next to the airport but 1.3 miles north. Impact to homes closer to airport is much greater as helicopters descend.

To capture the most realistic perspective, video was taken from the second floor deck. There is no sound enhancement of helicopter noise. The sound comes directly from the microphone on the video camera. The first helicopter was reported on the hot-line as “below tree-top level”. Notice the clear skies. There is no reason for the pilot’s behavior. This is an example of pilot’s arrogant total disregard for safety and total disrespect for residential property owners as the helicopter blasts 90dB of low frequency, percussive noise onto homes. The home and everything in the home is shaking and rattling as the helicopter passes overhead. This is inhumane. To attempt to understand; turn volume to max and you still may not reach 90dB. My computer speakers at max only measures 85dB.

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