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Half-a-Loaf – Letter to the Editor, East Hampton Star, February 23, 2015

To the Editor: I am puzzled by the town board’s half a loaf is better than none approach to essential airport restrictions. Already there is an online offer of unlimited monthly air transport between New York City and East Hampton for $2,000. The “curfew” of 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. is nice for birds, but […]

They Hug the Coastline – Letter to the Editor, East Hampton Star, February 11, 2015

Dear David, I am writing to support the recently proposed airport legislation regarding the noise from the helicopters and other aircraft. Living in Southampton on the ocean, I have been repeatedly bothered by the low-flying helicopters at steadily increasing frequency. The helicopters are supposed to be offshore and at a minimum height. My experience is […]

Its Silly Friends – Letter to the Editor, East Hampton Star, February 9, 2015

Dear David, I wish to congratulate the supervisor and the East Hampton Town Board for announcing restrictions proposed at East Hampton Airport that should, once enacted, bring meaningful reduction of noisy aircraft, effectively reducing noise in and around the airport. I especially wish to thank Councilwoman Kathee Burke-Gonzalez for her leadership, skillfulness in bringing people […]

Those Suing the F.A.A. – Letter to the Editor, East Hampton Star, February 8, 2015

Dear David: It appears the helicopter owners and operators will not go quietly. Thanks to a courageous, thoughtful, and competent town board concerned more about quality of life for the entire East End than lining the pockets of a few inconsiderate out-of-towners, we are very close to enacting reasonable restrictions on the noisiest helicopters and […]