Those Suing the F.A.A. – Letter to the Editor, East Hampton Star, February 8, 2015

Dear David:

It appears the helicopter owners and operators will not go quietly.

Thanks to a courageous, thoughtful, and competent town board concerned more about quality of life for the entire East End than lining the pockets of a few inconsiderate out-of-towners, we are very close to enacting reasonable restrictions on the noisiest helicopters and other commuter aircraft who come and go 24/7 at East Hampton Airport.

Having let certain Federal Aviation Administration grant assurances expire and preparing to exercise our right as proprietor of East Hampton Airport doesn’t seem to sit well with those from away who care only about the mighty dollar, so they have decided to sue the F.A.A.

For the record, those suing the F.A.A. (not the Town of East Hampton — yet) consist of:

• A helicopter service located in Princeton, N.J., Analar Corporation
• A helicopter company registered in Delaware and located in Newark, N.J., Heliflite Shares L.L.C.
• A helicopter company located in Kearney, N.J., Liberty Helicopters
• A seaplane service located in East Haven, Conn., Shoreline Aviation
• A helicopter lobbying organization located in Alexandria, Va., Helicopter Association International
• The Friends of East Hampton Airport, a collection of these same individuals and a few more with contact information in New Jersey.

These are but a few of the nameless, faceless profiteers who have taken the summer months from homeowners and taxpayers across Long Island in the name of convenience for a few and profit for themselves.

It is important that residents of East Hampton and neighboring communities let their elected officials know that efforts to end the aerial assault above are appreciated. Please attend the East Hampton Town Board public hearing scheduled for March 5 at the LTV studios. Also, you can communicate your support directly to the East Hampton Town Board at HTOcomments@

Once again, it’s time for the community to make the noise so that helicopters and seaplanes do not.

Yours truly,