Tremendous Problem of Helicopter Noise

Dear Mr. Dalene,

Thanks for all your work compiling information on the tremendous problem of helicopter noise in our community. During the peak summer months, we have helicopters flying approximately every two minutes just over our roof, ruining any possibility of sitting outside. Should we by chance venture outside when the helicopters start their trek to and from the airport, the noise is so loud that we have to stop talking until the helicopter passes. Most fly very low to the ground, which has me and my family worried about our safety.

For us, the situation has gotten much worse over the years. When we first moved to Wainscott 12 years ago, we heard very low air traffic noise from private airplanes landing at the East Hampton Airport. This did not bother us in the least. Then the helicopters came and with them the end of our right to enjoy our property undisturbed by commercial traffic.

I have heard that there are new rules for helicopter air traffic, but it seems that nothing has changed. Shouldn’t our zoning laws protect us from intrusion of commercial noise into residential areas?

Yours sincerely,

Marie Zerilli

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