Dear David,

East Hampton Airport has expanded its use to that of a large metropolitan airport. It is out of control. This is unacceptable and must change immediately.

Early Monday morning, July 8, the peaceful still morning air was rudely and abruptly shattered at 4:38 a.m. by a continuous barrage of noisy, dirty helicopters ferrying inconsiderate, selfish people from East Hampton. Mixed in with noisy, dirty helicopters were a few inconsiderate, selfish airplane and jet owners. The data for the operations are as follows:

4:38 a.m., helicopter; 5:41 a.m., helicopter; 6:11 a.m., helicopter; 6:18 a.m., helicopter; 6:27 a.m., helicopter; 6:32 a.m., helicopter; 6:38 a.m., helicopter; 6:43 a.m., airplane; 6:49 a.m., helicopter; 6:59 a.m., helicopter; 7:05 a.m., airplane; 7:11 a.m., helicopter; 7:18 a.m., helicopter; 7:20 a.m., helicopter; 7:26 a.m., airplane; 7:27 a.m., helicopter; 7:28 a.m., helicopter; 7:29 a.m., airplane; 7:30 a.m., helicopter; 7:32 a.m., jet; 7:33 a.m., jet; 7:35 a.m., airplane; 7:40 a.m., helicopter; 8:45 a.m., helicopter; 8:48 a.m., helicopter; 8:54 a.m., helicopter; 8:56 a.m., airplane; 8:58 a.m., airplane; 9 a.m., helicopter; 9:02 a.m., airplane; 9:03 a.m., airplane; 9:05 a.m., airplane; the barrage continued.

This flight schedule is greater than a large metropolitan airport hub! At large airports, Federal Aviation Administration regulations impose a two-minute separation between aircraft. It obviously does not exist at East Hampton.

Thousands of folks living in residential neighborhoods were tortured and tormented from 4:38 a.m. and throughout this entire morning with no relief. The Maidstone Gun Club has a mandated curfew imposed by the town, operations begin at 9 a.m. How can the town discriminately operate a facility on the property adjacent to the gun club at all hours with no restriction?

The town is presently considering its noise ordinance. Really? Before the town considers imposing restrictions on others, shouldn’t it impose restrictions on itself? When will the town board understand noise abatement is a failed policy? It is about restricting use. How silly is this?

    Sunday is no longer a day of rest in the Hamptons. It is entirely a lost cause. The barrage of dirty, noisy helicopters is relentless. The East Hampton Town Board liaison to the airport, Councilman Dominick Stanzione, is hoping to get re-elected this November. How is that possible if the voters continue to be tortured and tormented as we see here? Won’t the voters hold him accountable? How can any candidate hope to be elected unless their campaign rebukes the current status of the airport and they commit to make changes for the good of the people?

To Gene Oshrin and all the other good folks at East Hampton Aviation Association: You must realize from the above, the helicopters are ruining the airport for you. If implementing restrictions at an airport operating under F.A.A. grant assurances is so easy as you say, then why haven’t you done so already? You have been given much too much time. It is silly if you are doing nothing to restrict helicopter operations. It is silly to believe this torture and torment can continue without severe consequences. If it wasn’t so silly, it would be crazy.



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