United We Stand

Thank-you, T. James Matthews and his two Northwest groups for joining and contributing to this blog. It is now OUR website and WE can speak in the collective. We get our strength in numbers. The more we grow by adding stakeholder groups and individuals, the greater our chance for success. Divided we fail. We encourage all interested parties to join this conversation.

We make the commitment to keep this website respectful and productive. We don’t allow drive-by posters or posters that hide behind screen names. To post a comment or submit a contribution to the blog you must register with the website. The only reason for the registration is to confirm the legitimacy of the post. We believe the most responsible and respectful comments or submissions will be the most productive to cause the changes necessary to end the disruptive noise pollution from above. Each group that joins this conversation will be featured in the right hand sidebar and all submissions by the group will catagorized under their name. I understand that certain groups may disagree on other topics but here on this website we can unite on this topic regardless how we may disagree on other topics.

We reached out to the political candidates to get their opinions and solutions on this issue. So far no one has responded. Perhaps they are contemplating their response at this time. There will be no place to hide on this issue. The residential property owners, who are the voters, want to know what their position is and rightfully so. Property owner’s peaceful enjoyment of their property has been taken away by elected officials who do nothing and say they can do nothing. We don’t accept that response and we don’t respect elected officials who don’t have the guts to stand up to the FAA or any other organization that is standing in the way to protect residential property owners from the onslaught of inhumane noise pollution from above. We cannot vote in gutless, lazy politicians who will ignore this problem. Declare local rule and end this insanity!


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