Helicopter as a Weapon, Aug. 24, 2011

Three emails were sent to East Hampton Town Board:

Email #1: This morning I have been directly attacked, assaulted and harassed by Ira Rennert’s helicopter. He used his helicopter to scare, intimidate and potentially harm me and my family. He used his helicopter to recklessly endanger me and my family. I hereby demand the Town of East Hampton to take immediate action to protect me and my family. This is your sworn duty. Close this airport immediately until you have a solution to this madness. This is extremely serious. This is no longer fun and games.

Attached is a video I took at 7:27AM this morning. This helicopter flew lower than was ever recorded and he flew directly over my position on my balcony. This was unquestionably deliberate and willful.  There is no clouds in the sky and there is an unlimited ceiling.

Please get back to me immediately with your plan of action.

Email #2: The sound of this helicopter as it went over my house was unimaginable. It cannot be duplicated and there is no experience you have for you to be able to relate to it. I can tell you this, my house shook more violently than yesterday’s earthquake. If you understand the fear that was caused by yesterday’s earthquake you can understand what Ira Rennert is attempting to do to me and my family. End this now!

Email #3: Attached are video freeze frames. These are not manipulated in any way, straight off the video. Look at my website and you will not find a closer shot or a shot that fills the frame as attached. If you doubt me I will give you my camcorder. The video is still in the camera. You can see how this helicopter turns toward where I am standing when he clears the trees.

There is no doubt whatsoever that this was willful and deliberate. A helicopter is a deadly weapon. The sound produced from this helicopter is a force. This pilot used the force from his helicopter to threaten me and my family.

Look at the video again. You will notice the helicopter shaking as it passes overhead. It is my body that is shaking because my house was shaking under my feet. Nobody, no resident in East Hampton should be treated this way, not ever. No property in East Hampton should be abused this way.

No action from this Town Board will be considered extremely irresponsible. Are you that irresponsible? I need to know immediately.

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