East Hampton Supervisor Wilkinson’s Response to Dr. Raebeck

On 7/20/2011 3:13 PM, William Wilkinson wrote:

Dr Raebeck

Please forgive the delay in response.  With multiple addressees, I had assumed that Mr. Stanzione, the airport liaison, would have addressed your inquiry. As a person who himself has a very large property tax bill, I too, expect solutions from our elected officials.

Mr. Stanzione has led a very active fight through our national, state and county officials to ensure that we appropriately address total helicopter activity; their flight paths and the need for greater noise abatement.  His multi-town helicopter noise abatement group singularly focuses on that mission.  Working with those electeds and members of the FAA, Mr. Stanzione is actively crusading for future flight paths and elevations that will be far less invasive and disturbing then status quo.  Although progress may appear slow, his efforts are having positive effects.

I have also addressed Mr. Brundige on the on-line availability of noise complaint forms.

Have a pleasant summer.

Bill Wilkinson

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