Letter to East Hampton Town Board

July 22, 2011

Dear Town of East Hampton Supervisor and Town Board Members:

I am writing to lend my name to the long list of residents who are asking you, our political representatives, to work on our behalf and bring an end to the plague that is air traffic noise at the East Hampton Airport.

As a Wainscott resident, I have seen the quality of life in my area destroyed by helicopters and jets. If you were to come spend one afternoon at my home, I can assure you that no further explanation of what life if now like in my neck of the woods would be necessary. Why should a few individuals, flying in helicopters to save themselves the time of a car trip, be allowed to destroy my right to enjoy my property in peace? I am not talking about a slight disturbance. My family has been in Wainscott for 14 years, and before the helicopters came, we had no problem whatsoever with the airport and the small commuter planes it serves. Now we have helicopters flying at tree-top level directly over our home on a regular basis. On the weekends it amounts to one every five minutes. Then there is the noise from the airport itself, as the helicopters and jets wait to take off. It is no longer possible to sit outside and have a normal conversation. The helicopters are always there.

We have tried to communicate the problem to you, our representatives, and we have yet to receive a response that takes seriously this plague. As I have said to Frank, I am tired of writing letters. It it is my intention is to work with other frustrated residents and pursue both legal and political means to bring an end to this intolerable situation. I really must express my dismay at the utter disregard with which you have handled it.

Linda Zerilli
9 Bark Ct.
Wainscott, NY 11975

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