Letter in Response to “Smart People Don’t Fly Helicopters”

July 22, 2011

That EH Town Board members can claim that here has been improvement in lessening helicopter noise indicates they are either ignorant of the facts or pretending they don’t know (aka, the Murdoch defense). Either way, it is simply scandalous that the EH Town Board (and Southampton Town Board) can allow taxpaying year round residents to be subjected to this barrage of noise from private and commercial commuter craft, year in, year out.  The on-going air assault is not limited to the duration of the season, a number of owners/operators fly year-round and some are daily commuters.  And I do not doubt that some are taking their anger lower, over the home of Frank Dalene because he, among others, has tried for so long to find a reasonable solution acceptable to all without help from officials or EHA management.

Some of the people flying these craft are very dangerous individuals– not only endangering those on the ground but also their passengers, evidenced by the photos. It is only a question of time before there is a deadly event arising from these low flying craft. Anyone viewing Frank Dalene’s recent photos can see that these “air jockeys” have tossed caution and common sense to the winds, no pun intended.  The photos are so very disturbing and yet EHT officials and EHA management continue to choose to ignore the danger.

East Hampton and Southampton Town officials are acting like invertebrates. This dire situation did not arise overnight, it has been years in the making, and largely ignored through successive EHT and SHT administrations.  The result of EHT “concern” for impacted residents: each minor lessening of noise over one neighborhood merely increases it in another.  Move noise around, not over the sea routes but over other property owners many of whom are in Southampton Town, seems to be the preferred method of EHT Administrations and EHA management.  And to read the weak, self serving responses to Frank Dalene in the current emails merely underscores that this current administration is not only hopeless but shameless.

Real estate brokers and local media would do well to warn anyone looking to rent or buy property in the Hamptons that they likely will be subjected to increasing noise from the skyway above and that outdoor use of their property will be very limited if they are seeking peace and serenity in their garden.  Perhaps an article in the NY Times Weekend section might do it. Values of properties will decrease as many of our properties already have.  The FAA mandate is to promote air travel so they are not eager to assist hapless residents countrywide who suffer this torment from above.   Much as I dislike making the suggestion, like Mr. Dalene I am coming to believe that given the time and trouble residents have gone to try to find reasonable solutions to this growing problem and finding none, the only remaining option is to close that airport to all but emergency services.

P. Currie

Noyac resident.

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