Letter from Bob 8/6/11

In my humble opinion, you as a Board are as ineffective in dealing with the airport problem as the U.S Congress was at dealing with the national debt issue.

Sooner or later, someone will dig deep enough and learn your unspoken agenda to protect the wealthy using the airport at the expense of the much larger public good.  I truly hope that expose happens soon.  Your condoning the noise problem generated solely from KHTO will hopefully blow up in your faces.

I can’t enjoy my beautiful back yard much any more; the ear shattering noise of helicopters and jets pound my space day after day,  happening at all hours of the day and night. Midnight, 4AM, noon – it makes no difference.

Truly, you are all responsible for this. You have the ability, the legal duty, to control your airport, yet it gets worse every year. Your reports that things are better is a lie. It’s much worse each year, the volume of traffic increases, and the noise and height “restrictions” are totally ignored by the airport manager and yourself.

I used to wish for the time when the airport catered to only small planes; now I wish to see it totally closed because of your choice to damn the public.  I am not a “not in my back yard” complainer; I am a 30 year long Sag Harbor resident who’s home has lost value and who’s tranquil yard now sounds like the TV set from MASH.

Yes, I blame all of you for this.

Please, do something immediately.


Robert P. W.

Sag Harbor

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