Letter From Patricia 8/6/11

I have tried, for YEARS, calling in complaints on aircraft noise to EHA Complaints line, to no avail. Each year aircraft noise worsens exponentially.  According to the FAA, air traffic will grow, not decrease–so what are you folks going to do?  Do you have a plan, if yes, what is it?  If the past is any indication, EH Town reaction will be no action, the legacy of successive East Hampton Town politicians.

I hold the Town Supervisor and other members of the Town of East Hampton administration completely responsible for this noise, for the loss of the peaceful use of my property and for the loss in value of my property.  I hold you responsible for stressful days and sleepless nights of my family members due to incessant aircraft noise and I am beginning to believe you are largely responsible for the increasing number of stress related health issues affecting my family.  Studies on the noise /health issue have concluded that aircraft noise negatively impacts health or are you not aware of the many studies on the issue? Is ignorance a defense?

Why have you failed to act to protect the tax-paying residents who elected you?  Those of us who live under the paths of these noise emitting air polluting craft would like to know….who are your protecting if not the tax-paying year round residents?  Please, do let us know who is benefitting from your protection, might they be large donors to the political aspirations of a few?  It is difficult to argue against that wide-spread thought, since the proof appears to fly in the other direction…disproportionally over land in Southampton Town instead of over the sea route.

The noise goes on DAY and NIGHT. Yesterday, 5 July 2011, the noise was really bad.  It was a beautiful day and evening when we could have enjoyed our garden for the outdoor activities we once enjoyed throughout spring, summer and fall.  Not possible, we have to come inside and turn on the air conditioning to block the noise from all types of aircraft. And, as I am absolutely certain you are well aware, the altitude recommendations are a joke, they are too low to positively impact the noise and are largely ignored by pilots endangering innocents below.  When pilots take risks with the lives of their passengers and those on the ground below their irresponsibility borders on the criminal yet despite photographic evidence of the dangers to homes by low flying helicopters, EH Town officials choose to do nothing to discourage this reckless behavior. Is not your mandate to serve all residents of East Hampton?  And though you may choose to ignore it, you also have a moral responsibility to your neighbors in Southampton Town who suffer from this cacophony.

Two easy fixes are available to the Town of East Hampton and they have both been suggested many times:

(a) flights in and out of EHA use the sea route;

(b) close the airport to only small locally based planes (as it used to be) and emergency aircraft.

Select your favorite solution from those above or take the morally responsible route—resign.

Patricia C.

Noyac resident fed up with noise from East Hampton Town Airport

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