Letter From Barry 8/6/11

Dear Town Board;

Frank is a zealot, not a crank. He is leading the charge–but be assured that it is only going to increase. The airport is not a “jewel,” though perhaps once it was a low impact resource for local recreational pilots. Now it is a major metro air and heliport–and that is despite long term protestations of year-round residents, as well as Env Impact Statements and Town Plans. It does not serve the vast majority of  East Enders in any way. Yet the noise (and even fear engendered by low flyovers) is become an outrageous assault on what we once had; a peaceful, relatively quiet  outdoors lifestyle in summer and on warmer weekends throughout the year.

This will be a campaign issue. Committees, platitudes and pontification do not suffice. There were 52 loud, low-range flyovers of our home yesterday within a three hour period–as many in five minutes (8) as used to occur in an entire weekend.

What you gain in fees you will lose in lowered assessments. As more people use this option it could prove calamitous to town finances–in a time of fiscal difficulty. The heliport is a loser. We will stop it if you will not–though we would love more direct assistance..

This town is my life-long home. In a single day I  have been annoyed by helicopters at South Fork golf club in Amagansett, Georgica Beach in East Hampton, and my home in Wainscott. They disrupt golfers at The Bridge in BH, people on town beaches, in the woods–all the places we go for tranquility to avoid noise and mechanical intrusion. Now these hideous military monstrosities are seemingly everywhere, and I am in touch with folks in Southold, Wading River, and Port Jeff who hate EH helicopters too. We are starting a civic group, Citizens Alliance To Cancel Helicopters (CATCH).

It is a huge and growing issue–one that you could champion for the preponderance of the people you serve, who care passionately about our natural environment and once-serene quality of life.


Barry R.

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