Letter from Steven 8/5/2011

Frank et al:

I appreciate being on this mailing list, but I have to say that I, and others who share my geographic location, are excluded from participation in fighting the existence of the airport, or at least, the unfettered, undisciplined and uncontrollable operations there.

I live in the Village of Sagaponack, the Town of Southampton. The airport is in East Hampton. The way the political divisions have been established effectively disenfranchise residents outside the Town of East Hampton. Ironically, the airport is located on the western edge of East Hampton, the prevailing winds from the west dictate maximum power at take off to the west, imposing the greatest noise impact outside of East Hampton. Thus, it could be argued that the non-East Hampton residents bear the heaviest environmental impact from the airport. And, we have absolutely no input.

I think broadening the base of objection would be useful. Helicopters might be your biggest complaint and I do not want to belittle your grievance. (I do hear the helicopters. I suspect that the take off routines were changed in the last two years or so. They seem to be more intrusive in this time frame.  Winged aircraft are my complaint, primarily.) I must say, though, that I have become discouraged. I have written many letters over the years to East Hampton and Southampton Town officials and you can see the consequences of my efforts. I am also party (in name only) to a lawsuit against East Hampton. I have no idea how that will sort out, but I have no great hope. The noise hot line is a joke – have given up on that. The noise committee was unceremoniously deactivated. I am not inclined to believe in political conspiracies, but this stance is becoming harder and harder to sustain.

The enemies are the system of political fund raising (The at-large system of councilmanic representation contributes to powerlessness by diluting any political impact that we could muster.) and the FAA rules. East Hampton is on the verge of accepting more FAA funding that will emasculate any local control for years to come.

Isn’t there something in common law that might expand the reach of all those adversely affected by the airport? For god’s sake, the Libyans can get a no fly zone, why not us?

I am writing this on Friday evening, having to endure the noise of arriving and departing aircraft.

Stephen L

Sagaponack, NY 11962

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