Hell Flights

I shot the frightening video above Sunday, June 27, 2010 at 5:57pm. Besides the terror of suddenly being blasted by the noise; is realizing that this helicopter might actually crash into my house. This video is shot on the 2nd floor balcony, so this is not a result of weird camera angles or a weird perspective. It is actually what it looks like as captured in the stills…a helicopter descending down my roof. This is raw footage.

These are helicopter flights from hell since they are only meant to harass and wreck havoc with people on the ground. Why else would anyone want to put their life at risk to fly this dangerously low? I will simply call this type of flying behavior hell flights.

The frightening thing was the airport was fogged in when this helicopter arrived at the airport. Also at the same time I observed a blue and white Cessna Caravan Seaplane landing in the fog at the airport. For fixed wing aircraft the weather was way below minimums to land at the airport. Please remember I am a pilot, I am familiar with the FARs. These pilots are cowboy bush pilots and it amazes me people will pay good money to put their lives at risk with these guys. The operator of the helicopter in this video has two helicopters that he operates out of the airport and they are both notorious for low flights such as this. At minimum their privileges to operate out of East Hampton Airport should be revoked. It amazes me the Town continues to operate the airport under these extremely unsafe conditions. How do you square this with the “peaceful enjoyment of property” guaranteed by EH Town Law? No poor slob should subject to these living conditions…not here…not now.

This type of low level flying occurs all the time…this time I happened to captured it in such a way to give a realistic account. When I shoot video clips of helicopters flying behind trees people do not realize the helicopters are lower than the trees on my property. No responsible person can let the airport operate under these conditions.

BTW; I attended the news conference held by the Riverhead Supervisor this morning. It amazes me our Town officials aren’t ashamed at the ruckus the operations at East Hampton Airport is causing all over Long Island. I am. Has the Town considered being a good neighbor and ending the commercial operation of aircraft ferrying people back and forth to East Hampton? To benefit only a few people; is this all worth it?

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