Illegal Flight?

On July 29, 2010 at 9:05am I captured this helicopter flying in a low scud cloud layer about 200-300 feet AGL. FAA regulations state that when a helicopter flys VFR the pilot must stay in visual contact with ground. Remember there is no minimum flight levels for helicopters which in itself is absolutely absurd. Obviously if the helicopter disappears into the clouds the pilot does not have visual contact with ground so was this pilot flying legally? To be able to fly into clouds like this a pilot must file an IFR flight plan. Was an IFR plan filed? I sent this video with the date and time the helicopter flew over my house to Jim Brundige, the airport manager. He sent me a response that he was reporting this incident to the FAA. My question is: Where is the FAA? Why aren’t they policing aircraft traffic? What is the airport manager doing to manage the airport and traffic impacting residents in East Hampton. The Town of East Hampton spent tons of money on aircraft tracking software that is cool to look at but why isn’t being used to monitor and report violations? Who is monitoring aircraft traffic in East Hampton skies? The answer is no one! This is a huge safety issue!

This is akin to East Hampton Police saying we no longer will monitor DMV laws in the Town of East Hampton. Helicopters are not regulated so all exotic super cars are not subject to DMV laws in East Hampton. They can go as fast as they wish. How ludicrous is that? How irresponsible is that? That is exactly what the FAA is doing. The Town leaders shrug their shoulders and tell us there is nothing they can do. That is plain BS. They need to declare local rule, take over responsibility for activities at the airport and in the skies over East Hampton. They must protect the residents of East Hampton. That is their job!