You Know – Letter to East Hampton Town Board, March 23, 2014


Spending time measuring “noise data” based on complaints to a “hotline” run by the aviation industry is just silly. (Unless you’re the aviation industry, of course.)

If the noise problem is the fantasy of a “handful” of 10 uber-complaining households in East Hampton, why are federal elected officials involved? Why did QSC form with hundreds of members in a matter of weeks? Why do people from Southold and Shelter Island and Riverhead and Southampton and North Sea come to EH Town hearings about noise?

The noise problem is actually the result of the actions of fewer than 10 aircraft business operators. That “handful” is bedeviling thousands of innocent people–not vice versa. Please, don’t allow the moneymakers to spew such nonsense by giving their “data” credence in the name of “objectivity”. It’s embarrassing to think that our officials are so naive.

Save time, save money, save argument: get rid of commercial operations at EHA.

Or better still, close the airport–it is an environmental, economic, and social abomination.

Barry R