Out-of-Control Airport – Letter to the Editor, December 15, 2014

Dear David:

Now that the East Hampton Town Board has a raft of measurable data validating the antipathy of the East End community toward our out-of-control airport, it is time for our leaders to lead.

No one officially “led” us into this mess that threatens the very way of life for thousands of afflicted, innocent citizens — all of whom were here first, long before the airport morphed into a major regional destination for virtually every kind of aircraft, other than F-111s and lunar modules. But our current board members can lead us out of the mess — and do our community a great service.

Ban the hated helicopters. Ban the seaplanes that will replace the helicopters otherwise. Ban giant jets that roar over our villages, beaches, and woodlands, often with a single, absurdly insensitive, overtly polluting passenger. And tightly curfew the remainder.

We want our outdoors returned to us.