NY Times, July 27, 2014


Here is a letter just sent in response to the somewhat frivolous NYT article this morning. It is unlikely to be printed, as they receive so many–perhaps on the website.

And while I hunker down in my basement to shelter myself from the Sunday PM assault, I wonder if any of you know the logistics and the possibility of us filing a Class Action lawsuit against the Town for failing to control our airport, to our detriment. I suspect we could get hundreds, if not thousands, to join in that, should it be legally astute.


Dear Editor:

The article of 7/27/14 “Where Snarl Meets Roar” by Jacob Bernstein makes the common mistake of assuming that when there is a dispute, the truth is somewhere in the middle. The truth is that certain officials have enabled a small recreational airport to evolve into a major commercial airport despite overwhelming local opposition from year-round residents (the victims) whose quality of life, environment, and property values are being battered. Your reporter makes jet, seaplane and helicopter travelers (the perpetrators) appear smart and chic, when they are actually invasive, destructive and wrong: socially and environmentally. That truth is not “in the middle”. P.S. There are lots of wealthy people out here who hate the dreadful expansion of our airport.

Barry Raebeck

Founding member of Quiet Skies Coalition