Letter to All Elected Officials – September 2, 2013


Please find below the link to a recent article about the genuine dangers of excessive and unnecessary noise.

Just one more reason to do what needs to be done–give us our summers again!

Why do out-of-town commercial aircraft operators have more rights than local residents? They don’t–unless we (government officials, concerned citizens, and civic and environmental leaders) cede them rights they cannot possibly attain to otherwise. Shut it up or shut it down.

P.S. As I am sure you are aware that 1) man-made carbon emissions are a huge contributor to damaging climate change, 2) global warming is undisputed by every reputable national and international  scientific body on the planet (see NY Times 8/20/13 front page article), and 3) aircraft use by individuals is by far the worst single person pollution device out there, why is this alarming information not applied locally in the form of serious airport restrictions up to the point of closure? Why is the East End so far behind on this one? Why are a handful of irresponsible individuals allowed to destroy the quality of life and air and property values of thousands of innocent people–all of whom were here first? These are logical questions that require an intelligent response.

From The New York Times:

OPINION: I’m Thinking. Please. Be Quiet.

Noise is the supreme archenemy of all serious thinkers.