Frank’s Statement at FAA Hearing at East Hampton Airport May 1, 2013

This statement is prepared by Frank Dalene, Co-Founder of Quiet Skies Coalition and Founder of

I apologize for not being able to attend this meeting tonight. I appreciate Barry Raebeck reading my statement into the record.

I became an activist for reducing and even eliminating commercial operations of helicopters and seaplanes due to safety concerns I personally witnessed around East Hampton Airport. These commercial operations are a recent expansion of use. Not one resident of East Hampton or the surrounding Peconic Region bought into unsafe operations of aircraft nor the intolerable noise associated with this use when they purchased their properties. It is unacceptable and we will not tolerate it.

As a pilot I am in favor of a permanent control tower’s ability to provide order in departing and arriving aircraft to provide safety in our community. I also understand that when a control tower provides order it also improves efficiencies thereby allowing for further expansion of use.

I also know a control tower can mitigate noise impact on the residential communities. Altitude is the residential community’s friend. The controller has the ability to regulate altitude of aircraft in Class D airspace. Maintaining the highest altitude possible should be the controller’s second priority next to safety.

The only effective and proven way to mitigate the noise impact of commercial operations of helicopters on the residential community is to restrict its use by implementing curfews, days of operations and limiting the number of operations. The only way to eliminate the noise impact of helicopters is to eliminate their use. Every other noise abatement policy in this nation is an utter failure. Any other noise abatement policy will not be tolerated and will lead to the political solution of shutting this airport down. Many municipal airports across this country have been closed for this very reason and it is time the FAA gets smart and begins to address the real problem of airport closures; the unacceptable and intolerable assault on the peaceful enjoyment of residential property owners, who are the voters.

I will accept and support the installation of a permanent control tower only if effective and proven noise mitigation efforts as defined above are implemented simultaneously on the commercial operation of seaplanes and helicopters. I promise to work tirelessly to eliminate helicopter use at this airport in its entirety regardless of what new route is conceived or whose otherwise peaceful lives are suddenly and rudely disrupted.

Thank you for this opportunity to speak.


Frank Dalene